Kosher Mezuzah Scroll 6 cm

Handmade Kosher Mezuzah Scroll - By Sarah Beams

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Size: 6 cm

6 cm
6 cm
7 cm
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Handmade Kosher Mezuzah Scroll - By Sara Beams

100% Kosher, hand-written scroll containing the Hear oh Israel passage from Deuteronomy (Deut. 6:4-6:9).) It is the affixing of this scroll to your doorpost that satisfies the mitzvah of the mezuzah. Fits easily into any of our beautiful mezuzah cases.

A Kosher Mezuzah Scroll is made from parchment from a kosher animal and is inscribed in black ink using a special quill.  They are written by specially trained scribes in Israel.

The 6 cm scroll fits our smaller pewter and wood-based mezuzot.  The 7 cm is for our larger and wedding shards mezuzot.

Sarah Beams - Artists Declaration

I was one of those kids who preferred to spend her time in a pottery studio or creating things with my hands. In college, I discovered working with glass. Whatever form of glass making I encountered, from cold (stained glass), to hot (blown) or warm (kiln fired), the incredible quality glass had to capture and transmit light truly captivated me.
As a result, I have been creating fused glass for many years, designing and making Jewish Ritual Objects and Home Accessories. One of the things I love about creating Ritual Objects is knowing that people all over the world are welcoming my pieces into their homes and their families. It is connecting with people, but on an even more personal level, as they bear my creations next to their hearts.


Handmade Kosher Mezuzah Scroll - By Sara Beams

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6 cm, 7 cm