Tree Of Life Handmade Ceramic Wall Plaque Amazing Art

Tree Of Life BIG Ceramic Plaque

Hand Made Decorated With 24k Gold Ornaments Limited Edition

The tree of life is mentioned in the book of genesis.  

The sacred tree exsisted,since creation, in the garden of eden.

The tree is believed to hold life together in peace and harmony. 

In jewish culture it resembles the torah (bible). in Christianity it is the source of eternal life. in some other cultures it symbolizes the circle of life, or the cosmic tree

This plaque Size 19x19cm / 7.48 X 7.48 inch

Each plaque is painted by hand, and are part of a limited edition.

They are glazed in high temperature (2000 F), and decorated with 24k gold!
on the back of each plaque is a label with the serial number of the plaque and
explanation about the motive.


The unique technique mixes burnt clay impressions, color and glaze,with 24k gold ornaments create a unique and beautiful piece.
The wall plaque is original, hand made, one of a kind.
We put a lot of care and love into our art and hope that you will get pleasure from our work.

Including foot ( wood foot ), and the possibility of suspension.

A cardboard box with the original confirmation and explanation of the artist

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