Copy of Wool Tallit with Silver Stripes and Decorative Ribbon Style # 11


Size: 18 x 72"

18 x 72"
18 x 72"
24 x 72"
36 x 72"
42 x 64"
47 x 68"
51 x 72"
55 x 75"
60 x 80"

Tzizit Tye: Ashkenaz

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Wool Tallit with Silver Stripes and Decorative Ribbon Style # 11

Wool Tallit For Men and Women with decorative Ribbons is weaved with the color Wool stripes. Classic wool tallit with lurex stripes in all sizes for men and women.

For over a century,

Talitnia has been the leader in manufacturing top of the line tallits. Their robust state-of-the-art weaving machinery has earned them their reputable name!

100% extra virgin wool tallits feature pretty decorative Ribbons and have a matching neckband (atarah) sewn on to the collar, as well as matching corners on all four corners of the tallit. Standard white tzitzis strings are already tied onto the tallit.

The blessing on the neckband is in Hebrew. Here's the translation in English: Blessed are You, our G-d, the King of the Universe, who has sanctified us with his commandments, and commanded us to wrap ourselves in the tallit.

The TAZ tallit features a decorative ribbon sewn onto the tallit to enhance its beauty. A traditional tallit with a contemporary look!

We have included a close up image of the ribbon itself in the photo gallery following the image of the tallit.

This tallit is custom made upon order and is therefore not returnable or exchangeable.

You may request for this tallit at checkout under comments any of these custom requests. (Additional charge to apply after order is placed).

  • additional lining around head area ( $10 )
  • Special Tie tzizit ($15 - $25)

Wool Tallit with Silver Stripes and Decorative Ribbon Style # 11 

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18 x 72", 24 x 72", 36 x 72", 42 x 64", 47 x 68", 51 x 72", 55 x 75", 60 x 80"

Tzizit Tye

Ashkenaz, Techelet