Delicate Summer Flowers Tallit for Girl, Bat Mitzvah Tallit, Girl's Tallit


The Delicate summer flowers Tallit for girl is a? new? look design from ahuva with a fresh look & feel!

It captures the essence of a feminine? tallit? and a? fashion statement that allows its wearer to fulfill the choice to wear a? tallit? while being unique and feeling connected and special!

Like other ahuva Bat Mitzvah Tallits, Tallit for Women, it is sold in a set with a beautiful matching? Tallit? bag and Kippah.

The Tallit pattern? is repeated on the? Tallit? bag.
The? neckband (atarah)? is embroidered, the blessing is in Hebrew.
Size: 20"x72"
Preparation time: 2-3 days

*The floral ribbon of the original design (main image) was recently replaced. The new ribbon appears in the Set and bag images.

Shipping options:

We offer SHIPPING by Eco-Post on orders regular air (delivery within? 2-3? weeks).

Non Personalizeditems:
DHL Express\UPS ($25) delivery within 2-3 days once shipped

Personalizeditems (name embroidery on the Tallit bag, customized size):
DHL Express\UPS ($25), delivery within5-10 days? once? ordered

Custom tallit - you can order this Bat Mitzvah? Tallit, Tallit For Women with a personalized name embroidery on the tallit bag, making it an even more meaningful gift!

Click here to see examples for the custom tallit bag with personalized name embroidery

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