Digital Jewish Calendar Times For All Ocassions


Elegant new sleek Jewish digital plaque. All the information beautifully displayed. Automatically updated for your region of shabbat. Tells the Date, time, Shabbat times for sundown lighting candles, shabbat ending times, prayer times with sunrise, sunset & reading the Shema on time including Rabbeinu Tam's time. Mount it on any wall or place it on surface table. Fits any decor.

Once you have it, you'll ask why and how you did without it before ! At this price , how can you go wrong !

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  • Size 11.5" [Tall] x 8.75" [Wide].< li>
  • Manual Included< li>
  • Gold Finish behind Glass< li>
  • Netz Hachama (Sunrise)< li>
  • Shkiyah (Sunset)< li>
  • Shabbat Lighting Times< li>
  • Shabbat End Times< li>
  • Final Times to Read Shema< li>
  • Designed and Made in Israel < li>
  • Orthodox Standards< li> < ul>

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