Elish's Miracle with Oil Wall Art

Handcrafted Pottery - Elish's Miracle with Oil

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Handcrafted Pottery - Elish's Miracle with Oil

From the haftorah (Kings 4:1)  The prophet Elisha tells a destitute woman to bring many vessels to her home and fill them with the only jar of oil that she has and then sell them to pay off her debt.


7" h x 9" w


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About The Pottery

Each item is individually hand-crafted, using a fine white stoneware clay which is glazed in a variety of colors and textures to suit the item and the individual taste. Each piece is fired to 2200° F, making it durable, safe and functional.

About The Glaze

Traditional - Blue alone or Blue with Honey- Brown, Green, Lavender or Turquoise stripes on Cream White background.

 Jerusalem - Scenes of Jerusalem or mottled Jerusalem stone glaze in gloss or matte finish.

 Antique Patina - The look of ancient oxidized copper. Varies with and within each piece. (Not available on all items).

About The Artist - Renee Vicinsky

The beauty of Jewish rituals, their spirit and tradition, inspired Renee Vicinsky, beginning in1980, to focus her skills as a potter exclusively to creating Judaic ceremonial objects. Renee draws inspiration from her memories as a child growing up in Israel. Its light, landscapes, cities, history and tradition, all find expression in her exquisitely hand-crafted work.
Renee's pieces have been shown at Jewish museums and galleries throughout the U.S. and Canada. Her work is in permanent collection of the Wolfson Museum in Jerusalem and has been featured in many publications and articles, including "Better Homes and Gardens", (December '90). Now working with her husband, Howard Vicinsky, in their studio in New York's Hudson Valley, Renee continues to use her creative skills to explore the Jewish tradition and beautify its rituals.

Artist's Declaration

"I make pieces to be used by people performing Jewish rituals. So aside from aesthetic considerations, my concerns are halachic and practical ones. My true wish is that my work will be appreciated by people from all walks of life and that it will become a legacy for future generations"
- Renee Vicinsky


Handcrafted Pottery - Elish's Miracle with Oil