Seeing God in Nature - Calligraphy Art by R. Weinreb

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Seeing God in Nature - Calligraphy Art by R. Weinreb

Our Sages tell us that the numerical equivalent of Hateva, Nature, is the same as Elokim. We must understand that God is not seen in Nature, God is the cause behind what seems to be natural.

  • Art Print measures 15" x 20"
  • Framed Print measures 22" x 26"


Rabbi Weinreb's illuminationsdesigns and writings contain a fascinating interplay of artistic imagery and profound research based on traditional texts and sources, creating a "visual Midrash"

Artists Declaration

... I hoped that my illuminations, and particularly my art publications, would take the viewer beneath the surface of the text to see the texts through the exalted vision of our Sages throughout the generations. My palette is my pulpit… the opportunity to explore the rich elucidations and messages of hundreds of years of commentaries expands the horizons of Jewish art. It is a profoundly intense, spiritual journey and I invite you to join me. If perhaps through my interpretations and artwork you have gained a deeper appreciation into the profound messages of our Sages, you will be inspired by more than the beauty of the artwork; hopefully you will be enriched by the beauty of Judaism and Torah.”


Seeing God in Nature - Calligraphy Art by R. Weinreb

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