Mezuzah Cases - Swarovski Crystal Enamel Metal


This cute Mezuzah case is designed , a renowned Israeli Judaica artist. skillfully combines her fine enamel work with ancient Jewish heritage. Ester 's works bring together oriental and western influences to create a unique look. Made of Pewter, the Mezuzah case is hand painted with acrylic resins, decorated with Swarovski crystals, brass and copper accents. At the top of the Mezuzah appears the Hebrew letter Shin. The letter Shin stands for one of God's many sacred acronyms and for "Shomer Dlatot Israel", which means the protector of our gates. This colorful Mezuzah case makes a wonderful gift for anniversaries and weddings.Size: 4 in x 0.8 in. (10 cm. x 2 cm.) Materials: Pewter, Swarovski crystals Parchment: takes 3.1 in. (8cm.) parchment Artist: Ester , Israel
Weight: 0.3

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