Gold Metal Art Tiered Square Seder Plate Seder Plates
Gold Metal Art Tiered Square Seder Plate Seder Plates

Gold Metal Art Tiered Square Seder Plate

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Gold Metal Art Tiered Square Seder Plate

by Joy Stamber

This unique four tier Passover Seder Plate is sure to elevate the evening. Entirely handcrafted in Pennsylvania from anodized aluminum, brass and pewter.

The tray alternates material starting at the top with brass then silver-anodized aluminum followed by gold-anodized aluminum and finishing off with another layer of silver-anodized aluminum. The brass has been treated with a lacquer to inhibit tarnishing.

The removable pewter cups resemble etched stone and are embossed with Hebrew words representing the ritual foods of the seder and rest in circular holes cut into the brass top. Measuring 12" in each side and 9" tall, this functional piece of art brings a sense of modest geography to the table setting. 


  • Dimensions: 12L x 12W in
  • Color: Gold, Silver
  • Made In: USA

  • Artist's Statement: The clean lines and repetitive nature in urban landscapes inspire my work, as well as mid-century design. I use a variety of metals such as pewter, brass, bronze, silver and copper to produce my designs. My work is handmade in the United States and each piece is lovingly fabricated by scoring and folding sheets of pewter to make 3 dimensional works of art. The gorgeous textures are pulled from many influences and are embossed into the metal. As a designer and maker, my intent is to encourage the importance of American high-end craft in the modern home by creating contemporary heirlooms for a new generation of collectors.


    Gold Metal Art Tiered Seder Plate