Graduation - Silver Medal
Graduation - Silver Medal Silver/935 37mm
Graduation - Silver Medal Gold/750 24mm

Graduation - Silver Medal

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Metal: Silver/935 37mm

Silver/935 37mm
Silver/935 37mm
Gold/750 24mm
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The last class. The diploma. There is a mixture of sadness and joy in young hearts, of expectation mixed with trepidation, of great hopes and aspirations. One phase of life is over. Friends bid farewell and the familiar is tot behind for the unknown. The excitement of graduation is universal. Everyone enjoys looking back and reminiscing.


A diploma tied with a ribbon. Below, the inscription "Congratulations on your Graduation" in English; in Hebrew along the upper right part of the circumference. Reverse:

The passage "GO AND PROSPER" and its source 'KINGS I, in Hebrew and English. Surrounding it, symbols connected to studies: the letters "a" and "alef", microscope, ruler, pencil, books, flower, computer, compasses, globe, beaker and the sign "+ -". Edge:

State emblem with the words "STATE OF ISRAEL' in Hebrew on the right and in English on the left with serial number. Bronze tombac medal - "BRONZE" in Hebrew and English; Silver medal -

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Silver/935 37mm, Gold/750 24mm