Handcrafted Black Beaded Design Mezuzah Mezuzah Cases

Handcrafted Black Beaded Design Mezuzah

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Handcrafted Black Beaded Design Mezuzah

Large: holds 12 cm / 4.7" scroll
weight: 65gr

This beautiful mezuzah case is a one of a kind decoration!
silver plated Mezuza .
Hand painted pewter and glazed with enamel for a high quality finish, it features a stunning decorative design while also adorned with genuine Czech stones and metal beads. A work of art which transforms this iconic symbol of Jewish tradition into a wonderful door decoration for any home, room or office,
beautiful Bat Mitzvah or any home gift idea !
A masterful blending of ancient tradition and modern art.

Note: Mezuzah scroll not included.

Artists Expression:

โ€œThe encounter between textures and color moves me and ignites in me the spark of inspiration.โ€

As a multi-disciplinary artist, I create in a wide range of fields: Judaica jewelry, gift designs, decorative sculptures and wall designs.After years of creation, search, exploration and migration between materials. The girl in me is still looking for excitement.โ€œIris Designsโ€ โ€“ design studio was established in 1999 and is now sending designs all over the country and the world.The sculptures I designed were born as a puzzle that has linked my creative fields in the last 20 years โ€“ graphic design, textile design and jewelry.

"" Iris Brownstein

Handcrafted Black Beaded Design Mezuzah