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This Havdallah besomim bag comes in a variety of colors. Each bag has a two-fold card with the blessing "Gut fun Avraham" attached to it. is a Jewish prayer originally in Yiddish, recited by women and girls in many Jewish communities at the conclusion of the Sabbath, marking its conclusion (while the males are in the synagogue praying Maariv). In some Hasidic sects it is also recited by males before the Havdalah, (Havdole) service.

Translation of the most common version: God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob, protect your beloved people Israel from all hurt, in your love. As the beloved holy Sabbath goes away, that the week, and the month, and the year, should come to us with perfect faith, with faith in the sages, with love and attachment to good friends, to attachment to the blessed Creator, with belief in your thirteen principles of faith, and in the ultimate redemption, may it be soon, and the Resurrection of the dead, and in the prophecy of Moses, our teacher, may he r

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