Heart Song Celebration - Exodus Jewish Art Lithogr


"HeartSong Celebration" depicts Moses, Miriam and the Jewish people celebrating their freedom by the shores of the Red Sea. In portraying the people dancing and singing as a reflection of their love and gratitude, it additionally serves as a reminder as to how we can properly show our appreciation for all we have to be thankful for in our own lives. The highest form of prayer is a full and thankful heart. Ecstasy, as rendered in the composition, bursts forth when our hearts overflow with love. May we share the feelings that our ancestors felt on that day when we rejoice in our own lives, in our own special destiny.
This picture is based on a five foot round glass mosaic designed by the artist, Bruce David. It is a very unique art piece, containing between 7000-10,000 pieces of glass. The mosaic entails extensive hand painting (some pieces individually required firing in a kiln four to five times each), as well as numerous types of mirrors and specialty glass. (Examples - Note the C

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