Hebrew English Phonetic Bible

Hebrew English Phonetic Bible

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Read the Bible In Hebrew even if you can't read Hebrew Letters! With syllable-by-syllable Transliteration and Accent marks for pronunciation. Say the ancient Hebrew prayers, blessings and any Biblical verse, exactly the way your forefathers said... without the need to know Hebrew!

With our revolutionary Transliteration, Syllable Separation and Accent marks above the English vowels, your Hebrew pronunciation is guaranteed to be 100% accurate and faithful to the original sound of the Biblical Hebrew. Now, you can read the Bible in Hebrew even if you can't read Hebrew letters

Concise Transliteration, broken down syllable-by-syllable for easy reading

  • No previous knowledge of Hebrew is needed!
  • Reach a 95% proficiency at reading the Bible in Hebrew in one hour!
  • Over 4000 pages, containing the entire Tanach...
  • Now includes Free MP3 CD with the entire Bible Narrated in Hebrew arranged by books, over 65 hours of recording!

    Read and search throughout the Bible,