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Hebrew Letter Daleth Mystical Art


Daleth is the gateway to the world and stability after the creation of Beth. Penetration into the thick material of creation, produces impoverishment of the light of Ein-Sof (the Gimel still has wealth), so Daleth is often viewed as a symbol of poverty. Daleth makes speech creative and allows an individual action on things, the concentration of thought and will. "Why Daleth he turns his face toward the hey?" Because all those who are poor in this world will be rich in the future world (Autioth Rabbi Akiva).

Origin< h3>

Hebrew Letter Daleth Mystical Art. The opening that describes daleth is a triangular shape, which resembles a piece of skin closing a nomadic tent. The line indicates the base floor and shows that daleth is a symbol of balance and stability, however, this crossbar fell low in the top of the letter of the alphabet square.

Meaning< h3>

The name means daleth a door or a door leaf of a building, a house, a sanctuary or a city. Daleth the word comes fro

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