Hebrew Letter Youd Mystical Art


Symbolism< span>

youd just yad, hand. It is the hand with the wrist and fingers extended. This letter symbolizes, by its value creation of the world by ten words. youd, barely larger than a point, is the smallest letters of the alphabet and yet it is she who has the most power. Finally, youd symbolizes the ability to act, individual expression, the interaction in the world, the world of sense, the main material, creation.

Origin< span>

The layout of this letter (Aramaic) represents an outstretched arm with an open hand facing upwards and also a bouquet of stylized papyrus ..

Meaning< span>

Youd comes from the root or yadad Yadah is the verb throw or run, a role that is assigned to the hand. This root also contains the love that one has for the other, which is why it also introduces Yadid (the beloved), which is deriv

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