Hebrew Watch Quality Scratch Resistant Hebrew Dial Timepiece


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Hebrew Watch Quality Scratch Resistant Hebrew Dial Timepiece

Hebrew Watch Quality Scratch Resistant and high quality made in Israel. Get on time with this wonderful timepiece. Date; 24-hour format; Minute indicator; Seconds hand; Stainless steel bottom. Cupboard: white; Bezel: silver; Dial: white silver; Figures and Indexes: silver black; Logo: black; Bracelet: white silver.Features:

  • 35 mm diamter
  • Swiss, Quartz
  • Ceramic
  • Stainless steel
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Water resistant: 30 meter
  • Israeli Adi watches inspire you with confidence from both the image you project and the knowledge that you can trust their Swiss timing for years to come. What makes them extraordinary Ceramics and sapphire crystals resist scratching . Swiss parts movement - Proven reliability. Assembled in Israel with quality assurance designer with decades of experience have taught the art of elegance in Hebrew watches.

    גודל: 35 מ"מ
    בית השעון: פלדת אל חלד
    זכוכית: ספיר קריסטל
    עמידות למים: 30 מטר
    מנגנון: אנלוגי
    צבע: זהב

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