Illuminated Torah - English Hebrew Leather


Illuminated Torah - English Hebrew Leather

Design: Raymond Sintes
Publishers: Matan Omanuyot
Edited: David Arnon

The Illuminated Torah - English & Hebrew Leather bible that is a fabulous refreshing and beautiful Torah Bible that belongs in every home. This is a prestigious Hebrew and English Chumash with colorful illustrations, printed on quality paper, lacquered and graced with golden decorations. The Chumash is bound in bonded leather and is shaped like the Tablets of the Law, such that, when open, it resembles a Sefer Torah. This will be an extraordinary gift that will be treasured for a lifetime, in particular by a Bar Mitzvah boy.

This Torah is dedicated to the revival of Hebrew manuscript illumination, the ancient cultural tradition, which has been active for more than a thousand years. The book features the complete text of the Hebrew Bible (including diacritical punctuation) accompanied by illustrations, paintings, and works of art spanning the ages, as well as a comprehensive introduction. The Torah is printed on fine paper, in full color, with gold ornamentation and lacquer finishing, and cut with a unique technique an original invention of our publishing house allowing the shape of the opened book to resemble the two Tablets of the Covenant. 

  • Hardcover 209 pages
  • Dimensions: 9 x 1 x 13 inches

This Torah represents the glorious 3,500 year-old cultural roots of the People of Israel, and highlights the adherence to quality in design and production witnessed in Israel today. With its distinctive form and precise design, combining works of art hundreds and even thousands of years old and from all over the world, this Torah beautifies and enhances the Sabbath and holiday table, as well as the family bookshelf.

Illuminated Torah - English Hebrew Leather

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