Jerusalem Of Gold - Silver Medal

Jerusalem Of Gold - Silver Medal

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Jerusalem in Hebrew means "City of Peace". When in exile, the expression "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its cunning" became a symbol of yearning for the return to the City of Peace. About three thousand years ago, David, anointed King of Israel, conquered the city and made it his capital. His son Solomon built the magnificent First Temple in 953 B.C.E. The conquering Nebuchadnezzar of Assyria destroyed the Temple in 587 B.C.E. Half a century later the Jews returned and built the Second Temple which stood until the Romans razed it in 70 C.E.


Stylized panorama of reunited Jerusalem with outstanding landmarks, arranged in a free composition. The word "Jerusalem" in Hebrew and English. < p> Reverse:

A lion, symbol of the city, encircled by the word "Jerusalem" in twenty different languages. < p> Edge:

The emblem of the State of Israel. The words "State of Israel" in Hebrew and English. G585 (gold content) and the seri