Jewish Event Inflatable Decor With Kippah ! 6 1/2' Tall!


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Brown Bear with Star of David & Kippah ! 6 1/2' Tall!

On Hanukkah we have a special mitzvah called פרסומי נס". What better way than to display outside a large inflatable Jewish Hanukkah Bear. Great amusement attraction.

  • Blows up in minutes with a Heavy Duty Fan Proven QUALITY exterior fan.
  • Easy assembly!
  • Made of lightweight durable nylon.
  • Includes light bulbs for a Glowing Night time Display.
  • Ideal air blown Inflatable Jewish event and Hanukkah Decor
  • Comes with lights, yard stakes, and tethers.
  • Collapses into original box for easy storage.
  • UL listed for outdoor use.
  • Great Birthday Present or Chanukkah Gift!

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