Judaic Master Library

Judaic Master Library

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Amazing technology puts a full Judaic Library on a single CD-ROM. Imagine the Tanach and 24 Bible Commentaries, Talmud Bavli and Commentaries as well as most key Halachic and Aggadic works including the Zohar, all instantly searchable, accessible and printable.

Even more impressive is the way you can click on a Bible verse and have all relevant commentaries jump to the screen instantly. Imagine you are studying the Talmud and you want to know what the commentators say on a certain portion, and all relevant commentaries appear at the click of your mouse.

This CD incorporates full loop HYPERTEXT TECHNOLOGY which means that your search can go as deep into the texts as you wish without having to back out and rephrase your original question. This unique technology is not available on any other digital library. This technology makes use of your computers full potential and saves hundreds of hours of research.

With over 500,000 HYPERLINKS and countless access points this CD-ROM library