Judaica Silver Bellagio Mayim Acharonim


Judaica Silver Bellagio Mayim Acharonim. Sterling Silver Mayim Achronim Wash Cup Set. A fabulous and prestigious collection that views high ability of hammering in different textures. All 925 Sterling Silver. A combination of leaves and flowers. An attractive and most powerful game of textures, that brings out the fragrance of this Italian Classic design.

The Bellagio Collection has been inspired by the ƒ??art-novoƒ?? design genre, which emphasizes asymmetry and flow in nature. The collection named after the picturesque Bellagio fishing village on Lake Como, Italy. The enchanted landscape of the lake has inspired many artists, due to the contrast between the lakeƒ??s waters and the mountains which surround it. This stark contrast creates an optical illusion because it is difficult to see where the mountain ends and were the water begins.

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