Kabbalah Evil Eye Ring Zirconia Clear

Kabbalah Evil Eye Ring


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Zirconia Clear
Zirconia Clear
Ruby Red
Saphire Blue
Emerald Green
Amethyste Purple
Black Onyx
Carnelian Orange
Carnelian Brown
Amber Yellow
Aqua Turqoise
Azurit (Blue/Green)
Garnet Rose
Pearl White
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Kabbalah Evil Eye Ring

Make a statement with en eye-catching hebrew kabbalah ring. The ring set with crisoberil-cat's eye stone. An amazing work of art, Handmade jewelry engraved with part of the verse from Genesis (49:22) ;"ben porat yosef ben porat Aley Ayin". This verse comes from the blessing of Jacob to his favorite and beloved son Joseph that was not only successful but also truthful and generous while overcoming jealousy even his own brothers and others who wished him harm. The ring engraved with ALD letters in hebrew as well. Alef-Lamed-Dalet - is one of the secret names according to the kabbalah and known as Removes evil eye.

Kabbalah Evil Eye Ring

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Zirconia Clear, Ruby Red, Saphire Blue, Emerald Green, Amethyste Purple, Black Onyx, Carnelian Orange, Carnelian Brown, Amber Yellow, Aqua Turqoise, Azurit (Blue/Green), Diamond, Garnet Rose, Opal, Pearl White