Nine Days in Av

PORTRAIT OF A STRUGGLEBeautiful Coffee-table Size Photo Album Depicting the Saga of Gush KatifForeword by MK Natan SharanskyText in 4 languages: English, Hebrew, French & Russian Miri Tzachi, a staff photographer for the Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon, captures for us with her camera lens hundreds of photos of the Katif debacle: the beauty of the land and its people, the demonstrations, the expulsion and the ultimate destruction. Her photos are poignant, touching, and emotional; yet they are sensitive, tasteful, and filled with the hope, despair, courage and conviction of the people on the front lines. For anyone who feels we must never forget, this is the book.
 BY: Miri Tzachi

author: Miri Tzachi




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