Kiddush Wine Fountain Savion 8 Piece Set
Kiddush Wine Fountain Savion

Kiddush Wine Fountain Savion

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8 Piece Set
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Savion Kiddush Wine Fountain. This silver savion wine fountain adds a touch of regal splendor to your Sabbath table! Here is a centerpiece that will brighten the whole room and entertain your children and guests! After Kiddush, the head of the family pours the wine from the large cup into the fountain. Children and guests can watch the wine get channeled into each small Kiddush cup and everyone gets his her own kiddush wine cup!

Kiddush Wine Fountain 8 Cups & 12 Cup Sizes< h3> This majestic wine fountain is available in 8 & 12 cups version enough to be fit for a big family! The wine cups are counted excluding the top large Wine cup.

  • 12 cup fountain weighs 1750 grams.
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