King Davids Harp Handmade Judaica Cufflinks


A beautiful pair of sterling silver cufflinks set decorated with David's Harp Silver elements.

The Cuffs shiny finish gives it a truly majestic look, fit for King David. According to the Bible, David was known as a harmonic harp player, and was invited to King Saul's court to play for the king when an evil spirit tormented his soul.

For many generations this particular harp shape has been associated with King David, and has become an emblem identified with Jerusalem.

The shape also used to appear on the 5 agorot (5 cent) Israeli coin, and continues to serve as the official logo of Jerusalem's ancient City of David.

A perfect gift item for those who wish to carry a memento of King David or Jerusalem with them always.

The combination of David's Harp in this classic pair of cufflinks set will add elegance and style to any man's attire.

The jewelry will be packed in a gift box.

Size: length: 18mm width: 12mm

Inch: 0.70x0.50

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