King Solomon'S Daughter - Silver Medal


The medals devoted to Jewish Folktales encompass stories from East and West. In each are hidden wisdom, experience, nostalgia and humor unique to the Jewish people. On the common reverse of all medals in the series, grandfather relates stories to the grandchildren, strengthening the bonds between the generations.
The Talmud, Mishna, and Midrash relate legends and sayings that complement and elucidate the Biblical text. The medal devoted to King Solomon's Daughter is devoted to a story from this rich tradition. A Biblical commentary
Midrash Tanhuma relates the story of King Solomon"s beautiful daughter who was locked by her father in a tower in the middle of the sea, in an attempt to change her fate, that she would marry a poor man. His efforts, alas, were ivain: a large bird found the lad hidden in the carcass of an ox and brought him to the roof of the tower to the princess's feet"and love took its course. The Midrash proves that "matches are made in heaven".
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