Embossed Suede Kippahs Blind Embossed Suede Kippot


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Kippah Imprint for Bar Mitzvah and Wedding Kippot

Our Kippah Department professionally layout every kippah print order in one of the following formats.

Kippah & Kippot Imprints

Embossed Suede Kippahs Blind Embossed Suede Kippot

Embossed Kippahs and Kippot. Embossed Kippahs are designs that are pressed into the suede evenly across the whole kippah. 66 Patterns in 32 color options.

  1. Choose your Design Pattern (don't pay attention to color yet).
  2. Now choose a Base color of your Kippah .
  • Beige, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Gray, Dark Royal, Denim, Emerald Green, Eggplant, Fuchsia, Gold, Green, Hot Pink, Ivory, Lavender, Light Blue, Light Grey, Lime, Luggage, Medium Grey, Navy, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal, Rust, Teal, Turquoise, Wedgewood, White.
  1. The kippah will be embossed with the design style chosen & in the color of the base kippah chosen. ** Note, the color Style combinations shown are just examples and any color can be chosen for that particular emboss pattern.

This Yarmulke is a beautiful upscale kippah without the price tag for your Bar Mitzvah Kippah , Bat Mitzvah Kippah, Wedding Kippah or any simcha ocassion. We use classic Arial font to print your kippahs. If you like to use an other font specify from this font list.

  • Imprint inside the kippa is free of charge for 60 Kippas and above.

Embossed Suede Kippahs Blind Embossed Suede Kippot

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