Passover Seder Set Designer Carved Wood & Metal Blue
Passover Seder Set Designer Carved Wood & Metal Gold

Passover Seder Set Designer Carved Wood & Metal

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Color: Blue

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This lovely Seder Plate is a special design by Israeli-born artist, Shraga Landesman. Painted in metallic colors, this aluminum Seder Plate brings the ultimate modern style to a traditional Passover dinner. The Seder Plate includes six designated spots, painted in blue. The six traditional foods to be placed within them are: Maror, Charoset, Karpas. Zroa and a Roasted egg (Beiza). Each dish symbolizes the sufferings of the Israelites in Egypt. The center of the plate forms a magnificent Star of David. Diameter: 12in.

Cut into the outer edges of the plate is a Hebrew passage from the Shir Ha’shirim (Song of Songs) circling around. Six gold colored bowls hold the symbolic Passover foods, egg, lamb shank, romaine lettuce, vegetable in salt water, haroseth, and bitter herbs. Wood and folded metal create a large Star of David in the center of the plate. 
Show your appreciation for your Passover hosts by bringing this along as a thoughtful gift to them!

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Blue, Gold