Miriam Seder Plate

Miriam Seder Plate

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Flowing ribbons from Miriam's tamborine is the symbol of Miriam, sister of Moses and Aaron, as she lead the Israelites in a victory dance thanking God for saving their lives after crossing the Red Sea. No longer were the Israelites slaves in Egypt and in bondage. < p>

Miriam, in recent times, has become a prominent symbol for Jewish feminists as well as a symbol of Jewish artistry and dance. The Miriam seder plate with all its splendid colors is the perfect Passover plate for your table for the holiday.< p>

This Exodus Passover seder plate had six separate sections for special foods central to the seder ceremony - shank bone, roasted egg, horseradish, haroset, parsley and bitter herbs. A few explanations are are follows:< p>

The bitter herbs (maror) symbolizes the bitterness of being a slave in Egypt. The haroset (nuts, fruit, and wine) is the mortar made by the Hebrew slaves. The shank bone represents the lamb that was the sacrifice on the eve of the Exodu