Moshe in basket


Giclee printed and stretched on canvas. Printed in USA. 24x36. Gi Clee canvas prints, 100% cotton stretched to perfection. 3/4 inch think. This is an illustration of a deep concept in Torah, an inspiration to awaken our heart to Hashems love!

Natalis is an award-winning artist and Spiritual Illustrator inspired by the joy received from learning Torah and contemplating the infinite. She received a BA in Illustration from School of Visual Arts. Her art has been displayed in Galleries around the world and is published in such journals and websites as, Jake TV, Pop Chusid, Dueteronomy press, and shopping maven/ Jewish Link. At the moment Illustrating series of children's books. Natalia's art has been displayed in several concerts including Irving Plaza in NYC and has spoken at Cornell university about spirituality and art. While incorporating the realism of her father, Laszlo Kubinyi's illustrations she explores mystical concepts and understandings inspired by her visit to the Artist Colony in Tzfat, Israel. Her goal is to reveal the love in hearts and share her inspiration with all.

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