My Jerusalem - Silver Medal


Jerusalem is the holiest city for the Jewish people, serves as the spiritual and religious fatherland of Western culture and is one of the holy cities for Christians and Moslems. For the Children of Israel, who have returned to Zion, it is also the center of their spiritual life " the capital of Israel. Kind David conquered the city 3000 years ago and made it his capital " The City of David. His son Solomon added to its splendor and built the First Temple in 953 BCE. In 587 BCE the city was conquered by the Nebuchadnezzar, King of the Babylonians. The Temple was destroyed and the Jewish Nation was exiled. In 538 BCE, during the rule of Persian King Cyrus the Great, Jews returned to Jerusalem and built the Second Temple. In 70 CE the city was conquered by the Romans, resulting in the destruction of the Second Temple. Jerusalem once again became Israel's Eternal Capital, after 1,900 years of exile and generations of yearning and prayer: "Next Year in Jerusalem".


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