Omdot Yerushalayim- Kotel Stones Ark, Bimah & Podium

Omdot Yerushalayim- Kotel Stones


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Quality embroidered Parochet Ark Curtain on Velvet. Window arch to Jerusalem design.
  • Quality velvet includes lining with rich embroidery.
  • Quick turnaround with expert precision and sketch approvals.
  • We'll custom create a matching podium, Bimah, table covers to this parochet.
  • Available with a change of base colors and letter embroidery colors.
  • You may custom mix and match other parochet elements on this parochet
  • Price is an estimate based on average size of 7 feet x 4 feet.
  • Call us for a precise estimate based on your parochet size & dedication or customization.
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