Otzar Ha Poskim Responsa Treasury


Otzar HaPoskimƒ??s Responsa Treasury. Otzar Haposkim was established nearly 70 years ago by Rav Isser Zalman Meltzer ztƒ??l. Rav Isser Zalman ztƒ??l was the father-in-law of Rƒ?? Aaron Kotler ztƒ??l and the Rebbe of Rav Shach ztƒ??l. Otzar Haposkim was envisioned as a world center for collecting, cataloging and disseminating Halachic Responsa. Otzar Haposkim flourished under his leadership and became a center of Torah.

With the release of Otzar Haposkimƒ??s Responsa Treasury, it can be said that the dream of its founder Rav Isser Zalman ztƒ??l has been realized. Today you can enjoy the fruits of their labor. For over 50 years Otzar Haposkimƒ??s staff of Torah Scholars labored to research, catalog and organize nearly one million Halachic Questions & Answers and through their new software program you can access that information in mere seconds. < p>

If you love Seforim... specifically Judaic Responsa texts, then you will absolutely want this massive collection. Otzar HaShoot is extremely user

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