Passover Plate Dove - Song of Songs


Made in Israel Hand cast aluminum. 11.81 inch Diameter Passover Plate. It is a tradition to read the Song of Songs at the synagogue on the Saturday of the intermediary days of Passover. According to many interpreters, The Song of Songs is about the relationship between the people of Israel and their God. In the Talmud, Raba, we find a descriptive comparison to the verse: "O my dove, in the cranny of the rocks, Hidden by the cliff, Let me see your face, Let me hear your voice,
For your voice is sweet "(Song of Songs, 2,14) Said Rabbi Yishmael: When the Israelites left Egypt, what were they like? Like a dove that flew away from the hawk, and entered a crevice in the rocks, and found a snake nesting. She could not enter because the snake was there nesting, and she could not go back because the hawk was waiting outside. What did the dove do? She proceeded to yelling and flapping her wings, so that the dove cote keeper will hear her and come save her. So were the Israelites, standred and rescued.

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