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Pidyon Haben - First Born Redemption Coin Set


Pidyon Haben - First Born Redemption Coin Set. The medal was issued principally to make it possible to redeem the first born son from his sacred obligations, with five silver shekels. The redemption act is also a reminder of the fact that the first born escaped the fate of the Egyptian first born. The first born were intended to minister as priests to the people. However, since the Levites and the priests, descendents of Aaron, were found to be more suitable for sacred service, God commanded us to redeem our first-born sons by purchasing their exemption from this high office. In the response volume "Yechaveh De'ah", Halacha corner, fourth section, by Chief Rabbi Obadyah Joseph, it is stated, "In principal, 30 draham of pure silver, or its equivalent in value, would be sufficient for the act of redemption. However, according to the custom established in Jerusalem for many past generations, we must give 31 draham pure silver, or its equivalent, which amounts to one hundred grams of pure

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