Pray For Jerusalem Wall Hang Silver 34 x 41 cm
Pray For Jerusalem Wall Hang Gold 34 x 41 cm

Pray For Jerusalem Wall Hang


Color: Silver


Choose Size: 34 x 41 cm

34 x 41 cm
34 x 41 cm
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Pray For Jerusalem Wall Hang. This beautiful laser cut verse "Oh If I forget thee Jerusalem" will be admired by everyone. Psalms 137:5 and created an art piece that will hang proudly in every home. Im eshkachech Yerushalayim, tishkach yemini, meaning: If I forget you, O Jerusalem, may my right hand wither. We try to remember Jerusalem whenever we rejoice. In the wedding ceremony the groom takes that oath before breaking the glass and having such a magnificent laser cut piece on the wall will certainly remind us of those meaningful words. Please choose Express option at checkout for this item.

  • Large Size: 41cm X 34cm
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Silver, Gold

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34 x 41 cm