Psalms & Shema Israel Bronze Medal


Glory of Israel Book of Psalms Hebrew English Text with Shema Israel Medal Limited Signed & Numbered Edition: 613 Only The Book of Psalms contains 150 beautiful works of poetic devotion and praise, for every condition of the human spirit - from danger to desire, health to happiness - and is therefore used by Jews for prayer at every occasion and situation in life, providing hope, solace and guidance. The appeal of the Psalms is universal, as the language and music of the ancient texts bring comfort and hope to troubled hearts the world over.

According to Jewish tradition, the Levites were poets who recited the Psalms in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, giving the people hope for divine mercy and well being. In this special edition, the exquisite illustrations by artists Nehama and Yitzhak Hazin, with scenes drawn from nature, add to the visual enjoyment of reading the text. This lovely volume should be on everyoneƒ??s bookshelf. Each book is boxed and individually numbered.


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