Rejoicing In Jerusalem Paper Cut Ketubah


Themes of Happiness, good luck and remembering Jerusalem combined together to create this rich, intricate papercut Ketubah. The four corners of the Ketubah present four Chamsa's, which are the most popular symbols of good luck. Each of these hands shows one of the Seven Species of the Land of Israel " pomegranates, dates, figs and olives. The inner circle is highlighted on the upper half by the verses: If I forget thee, O, Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning (Psalms 137, 5). The lower half presents part of the Sheva Brachot - Seven Blessings, which are recited under the Chupa (Jewish marriage canopy) and are then repeated for the next 6 days after each meal attended by the newly married couple. Each papercut is an artpiece and is delivered with a top and bottom layer of Perspex , which is a hard acrylic transparent cover front and back and suitable for hanging easily and weatherproof for outdoors and indoors. Made in Israel with love.

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