Responsibility Hebrew Pendant Necklace


Responsibility Hebrew Pendant Necklace Bar Mitzvah. A Sterling Silver White Gold pendant, set with diamond, and engraved with the Hebrew word AH'RA'YUT. This identity disc is made of sterling silverwhite gold and styled as dog tag. The front side is set with a diamond which is crowned with Magen-David engraving. The diamond is the hardest material in nature, stand for vitality, health, and energy. The Shield of David is for protection.

The back side carries the Hebrew word AH'RA'YUT , which means responsibility, referring to the age of 13, BAR MITZVAH, when one takes responsibility for himself and his life.

In Hebrew, this word is of 6 letters, with a very meaningful sequence, as Hebrew is an amazing language where each letter carries hidden and subtle meaning along with its regular meaning. Each font carries hidden values for itself and also when combined with other fonts... The first letter is Alef (A) which is the first letter of the word Ani which is I, saying responsibility

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