Roman Glass Tallit Clips


Astonishing pair of tallit clips made from 925 sterling silver set with colorful roman glass fragments in the background of a Jerusalem skyline panorama relief. Size 1.45x1.05 inch. This pair of tallit clips are a unique gift idea that you can be given as a beautiful Bar Mitzvah gift idea or any other Jewish Holiday

Roman glass was an industrially manufactured substance used by the Romans all over their empire. A large amount of these glass-made vessels were buried and remained intact until their unearthing in later times. While in the ground, some of the glass became oxidized, resulting in a colorful pigment layer -called patina- covering the vessels. This patina gives the vessels a thin tarnish creating a fascinating spectrum of blue, green, purple, red, gold and silver. Today, our jewelry is inlaid with this same glass, delicately handled, cut and restored, passed on to us by the ancient Romans

Included with our jewelry you will get a certificate of authenticity.

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