Roosebeck Baroque Guitar 5-course Guitars

Roosebeck Baroque Guitar 5-course

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Roosebeck Baroque Guitar 5-course

The body is made with alternating staves of lacewood & sheesham on sides & back; in a matte finish. The soundboard is spruce. The neck is lacewood with a sheesham finger board. The frets on the neck are tied nylon, there are 6 sheesham frets on the spruce soundboard. The tuning pegs are sheesham. It has 5 courses of 2 strings each (course 1- 3 nylon and course 2 - 5 nylon & silver wound). The bridge has a sheesham base with lacewood top; the ornate lacewood mustache stands out against the light spruce soundboard. It has one soundhole in the center of soundboard which is exceptionally ornate, 4 layer deep, parchment style rosette.

Suggested tuning is: A,D,G,B,E (range A2 - E5).

Includes a well-padded gig bag with double ended zipper opening on 3 sides for full open lid. There is a pocket, a padded hand grip and shoulder strap. The overall outside of gig bag is 41.5"L X 9"H X 16"W.

Important Specification:

Body/Bowl: 17.25 inches in length, 4.5 inches in height and 9.6 inches width

Neck at Nut: 1.7 inches in width

Neck at Body Joint: 2 inches in width

Nut: 1.7 inches in width (synthetic)

Strings at the Nut: 1.4 inches in width

Strings at the Bridge: 2.3 inches in width

Scale Length: 25.9 inches (660mm)
Item Length: 39
Item Width: 9.6
Item Height: 4.5

Roosebeck Baroque Guitar 5-course