Samson In The Bible Coin Silver or Gold


Samson in the Philistine House
20th in the Biblical Art Series
Legal Tender Coin issued by the Bank of Israel

Samson, last of the Judges, was a Nazarite consecrated to G-d. He neither drank wine nor cut his hair and this was the reason for his exceptional strength. In his time, the Philistines ruled and were a constant trouble to the Israelites. Samson's entire mission was to fight the Philistines and he did this single-handed. Afraid of his strength, the Philistines paid Delilah, the third woman in Samson's life, to discover the source of the strength. Samson eventually disclosed this to Delilah and when he was asleep, she cut his hair and his strength was lost. The Philistines took him, gouged out his eyes and threw him into prison.

They gathered in the house of their god Dagon to thank him for having delivered Samson into their hands and summoned Samson so that people could watch him performing for them. The house was very crowded; about 3,000 people stood around. Samson was led from the prison into the house, where he requested that they let him lean against the supporting pillars.

At that moment, Samson beseeched the Lord for special strength.  As he grasped the two middle pillars, one with his right hand and the other with his left, and bent forward with all his might, the house collapsed and all the people who were in it were killed together with Samson.  Samson had killed more people at his death than he had killed in his lifetime.

Design:  Aharon Shevo

Obverse: The Face Value, Israel State Emblem, "Israel" in English, Hebrew and Arabic, Mint Year and Mint Mark, a decoration symbolizing a broken pillar, Inscription in English, Hebrew and Arabic: "Samson in the Philistine House Judges 16".

Reverse: Samson breaking the pillars in the Philistine House of Dagon.

Minting: Dutch Mint

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