Set 2 Silver Coins - Israel Trail

Set 2 Silver Coins - Israel Trail

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The Israel National Trail ("Shvil Yisrael" in Hebrew) is a hiking path which crosses the length and breadth of the country, from Kibbutz Dan in the north on the Lebanese border till Eilat at the southernmost tip on the Red Sea, bordering Egypt.< p>

The trail was marked out in 1991 and inaugurated in 1995. It totals some 940 km (580 miles), divided into 11 sections, and requires between 30-60 days of continuous hiking to complete.

The Trail traverses the most beautiful sites and scenery, routes and vistas and includes: the Upper & Lower Galilee, Carmel Range, Sharon Plain, Judean Hills, Coastal Plain and Negev and Arava Deserts. Edge:

B.U. coin: Smooth.

Silver and gold proof coins: Milled. Mint Marks:

B.U. coin " Star of David.

Silver and gold proof coins " Hebrew letter "mem" below the face value.Designer:

Obverse: Meir Eshel.

Reverse: Galia Erez.