Shin Wires Mezuzah
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Shin Wires Mezuzah


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SHIN Wires Mezuzah made of Sterling silver.

"And thou shall write them upon the door-posts of thy house The Bible refers to the Mezuzahs as the doorpost of the house, but today we use it for referring to the rolled parchment piece on which specific bible verses are written by special hand-write writer. The Hebrew fonts in the word mezuzah, when replaced in its sequence, may form other two Hebrew words, which equivalent to movement and death.

This merit represents the metaphysical influence of the Mezuzah. The inscription on the parchment intends to facilitate a guardian influence that may protect the house and its people. On the back side of the parchment there is a powerful omen, "Shadai" , one of Gods names, which is also an abbreviation of guardian of Israel doors (in Hebrew).

* Comes with a jewelry box and Certificate of Warranty (1 year).

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