Silver African Elephant Figurines


Beautiful Silver Baby Elephant and adult African Elephant Figurines. The elephants are posed differently with their trunk and stance. Each in it's unique size to form a set. The detail down to the skin texture is exquisite. These are original pieces authentically hand made in Jerusalem, Israel and signed by artist. Thick layer of sterling silver over weighted center figure in silver accents. Craftsmanship guaranteed without defects. Hand made quality compared to inexpensive imitations made in China today by most vendors. From left to right
  • A217 = 175mm (X-Large)
  • A218 = 130mm (Medium)
  • A219 = 165mm (Medium)
  • A220 = 115mm (Small)
  • A221 = 160mm (Large)
  • A223 = 220mm (2X-Large - last image)
  • A222 = 235mm (Largest - middle image)

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