Soncino Hertz Bible Leather

Soncino Hertz Bible Leather

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Soncino Hertz Bible Leather

You've used it for years in synagogue, now take your own copy home. Popularly known as the Hertz Chumash, this classic Hebrew-English edition of the Five Books of Moses, with corresponding Haftorahs, is used in synagogues and classrooms throughout the English-speaking world. In this compact volume, the late Chief Rabbi of England, Rabbi Dr. Joseph Hertz, provides readers with a lucid exposition of the text and the spiritual and ethical teachings of the Torah, culled from a wide range of scholarly literature. It contains the full Hebrew text, line-by-line English translation, and the classic Hertz commentary. Complete with all the Haftorahs for holidays and special Sabbaths.

author: Dr. J.H. Hertz



7.75 X 10.5""