Sports Menorahs - Choose Sport Menorah


Sports Menorahs - Choose Sport Menorah. Stained Glass Menorahs in every sport and kids sport style. A unique Hanukkah Sport Menorah hand made in detail colored stained glass Each Menorah piece and Sport person is meticulously hand made in stained glass hand cut, wrapped in metal, and soldered. Arms, legs and sport equipment are added and wire used to create the detail. The final assembly is adding the bar for the menorah cups. Nine Hanukkah Menorah Candle holders are added - one for the Shammash to light the other Hanukkah candles each night - and eight more Hanukkah cups for the candles for each night of Hanukkah. This menorah is the perfect Hanukkah gift for a Bar Mitzvah, a sports oriented member in your family. Here are some of our most popular Sport Menorahs.
  • Cycler's Menorah
  • Baseball Menorah
  • All Sport Menorah
  • Baseball Menorah
  • Golf Menorah
  • Soccer Menorah
  • Ice Hockey Menorah
  • Swimmers Menorah

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