Sports Theme Suede Kippahs Personalized


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Kippah Imprint for Bar Mitzvah and Wedding Kippot

Our Kippah Department professionally layout every kippah print order in one of the following formats.

Kippah & Kippot Imprints

Personalized Sports Theme Suede Kippahs 

Amazing Leather Suede Kippahs. Soft Suede embossed with your favorite sport and printed to personalized taste. Choose your favorite sport to be embossed such as

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Tennis
All sports !
  1. Include the base kippah color you like (reference our Kippah color chart tab below) and mark choice in the box below.
  2. The standard is blind embossed (same color as kippah pressed in). Alternatively choose a foil color print for $0.25/pc more.
  3. Standard trim is same color as kippah. Alternatively change the color trim for $0.20/pc. 
  4. We use classic Arial font to print your kippahs. If you like to use an other font specify from this font list.
  5. Personalize kippah is free when buying over 60 pc.

Sports Theme Suede Kippahs Personalized

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