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Stained Glass Wedding Mezuza


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Gift Boxed Stained Glass Mezuza. Wedding Couple. This mezuzah is from our glass people collection. The glass bride and groom are shown in traditional black and white under their huppa. The huppa or wedding canopy symbolizes the couple's first home. This mezuzah is easily mounted on the doorpost of the home and the scroll is placed inside the plexiglass case.

The scroll contains the words of two passages from Deuteronomy, 11:13 and 6:4-9. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 has the words of the "Shema Israel" in which God commands Jews to keep God's words constantly in their minds and in their hearts. Size: 11 4 x 6" plexiglass case. Scroll opening: 7 mm

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